June 21, 2011

The Goblins Of Labyrinth

The Goblins Of Labyrinth by Brian Froud
captured and cataloged by Terry Jones

'Stranger! If You Would Know The Goblins Of The Labyrinth, Seek...'

When a small, impossibly ancient, earthenware pot was first discovered in remote Olduvai Gorge its significance was such that it was promptly ignored and abandoned. Luckily it was later discovered and destroyed by Brian Froud. However before its destruction Mr Froud was able to discover a message hidden within this pot. And when that message was eventually deciphered he began a journey that would lead to the greatest goblin related discovery in history.

The Labyrinth, created by a goblin king, was built as a refuge to goblins from those in the world not of goblinkind. Over the years the Labyrinth has become one of the only places in the world where goblins can be found, however until now little has ever been known of their daily lives let alone their appearances. But when one goblin artist decided to thrown down his images of goblins, images that were later enhanced or butchered depending on who you talk to, finally the world was introduced to the goblins of Labyrinth.

The Goblins Of Labyrinth is a unique look at a species that has eluded, beguiled, teased, tormented and terrorised many a human over the course of history, a time honoured goblin pastime that is still alive and well today. There is much to read, see and ponder within these pages, the least of which not being the story, and goblins, behind the well known movie Labyrinth. Aside from this however there are plenty of legends, tales and poems, not to mention recipes, games, philosophies and sacred days to uncover. All in all a very beautifully presented book of not so beautiful beasts.
On sale: 1 October 2006
Price (AU): $49.95
ISBN: 9780810970557
Recommended age: 16+
In a word: Goblins
Re-read it: yes, many times
Recommend: yes
Star rating: five out of five

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