June 18, 2011

Faery Rebels #3

by R J Anderson

'We Are At War'

Timothy and Linden left the Green Isles with more then a stone and a few good men of the Children of Rhys, they left with the means of protecting themselves and their fellow faeries against the all conquering Empress. Returned home to the Oak the real work is now to begin. At any time the Empress would descend on the Oak she has vowed to destroy with her many hundreds of follower, willing or otherwise. But would the faeries of the Oak be ready?

When the Stone of Naming was taken from the Green Isles, the Children of Rhys were left confused, frightened and desperate to have their most precious possession returned to them. But as faeries of peace, the Children of Rhys have little chance of surviving on the mainland against the Empress and her faeries to take back the stone from the rebels, unless they are willing to break their most sacred law.

As a Child of Rhys and daughter of one of the most esteemed elders, Rosemary is shocked to discover her mother plans to invade the mainland and break this sacred law. With little choice to save her people, Rosemary leaves home in an effort to reclaim the sacred stone and restore peace to her homeland. However the mainland is nothing like the sheltered home she left behind and Rosemary soon finds out how tricky faeries can really be.

Arrow sees a new heroine take the spotlight in this charming yet dangerous series. Rosemary is a faery who is learning about life the hard way, but she is not the only one. As her innocence and naivety are turned against her, Rosemary is able to find inner strength in her beliefs. Even after being betrayed, humbled, dominated, kissed, forgiven and exiled she is still strong, smart and brave in the face of all. A delightful and endearing continuation of a wonderfully enchanting series.
On sale: 01 March 2011
Price (AU): $16.99
ISBN: 9781408312629
Recommended age: 10+
In a word: Faeries
Re-read it: yes
Recommend: yes
Star rating: five out of five

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