June 15, 2011

Banana Kiss

Banana Kiss by Bonnie Rozanski

Crazy In Love!

There are voices in her head, voices no one else can hear. They tell her not to believe Whitecoat, not to believe anyone but them. They tell her she is God and they are right. She is God. She created the world, by observing the world she allows it to exist, and yet people do as they please without her commanding them. But this too is her doing for she created free will.

Whitecoat tells her that the voices in head are not real, that they do not exist. But if they do not exist, if they are not real, then how can she hear them in her head? Whitecoat tells her that she should trust him, that he is here to help her. But being asked 'how she feels' about everything does not feel like help, waking up in a fog and being strapped to a bed does not feel like help.

Sometimes when the voices in her head contradict the voices without it is difficult at times to know who to listen to, who to believe. With medication the voices in her head quieten but she does not feel herself. Without medication she is free to be herself but finds it difficult to know who she is with so many voices in her head telling her who she should be.

Banana Kiss is a story of Robin, a girl who has lost herself amongst the voices in her head, a girl who converses with her long dead father on visits he makes into her mind. Robin has had to deal with a number of losses in her life. Disappointments and heartaches have left her broken, despondent and disenchanted with those who have claimed to love her. Through betrayal, love, death and pills Robin must find a way let go of her past if she is to have hope for the future.
On sale: 08 December 2010
Price eBook (US): $2.99
ISBN: 9780889842762
Recommended age: 18+
In a word: Voices
Re-read it: yes
Recommend: yes
Star rating: four out of five

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