June 24, 2013

Brave (Little Golden Books)

Brave (Little Golden Books) by Random House Disney
A Princess Follows Her Own Path!
brave golden book

Merida is a princess who feels her mother does not understand her; Elinor is a Queen who feels she knows what is best for her daughter. Through miscommunication and a magical spell cake, Merida and her mother must learn to listen to each other and love each other for who they are.

Brave (Little Golden Book) is a charmingly simplistic story of a mother daughter relationship that is simple enough for your little one to follow along with, accompanied by adorable images children will enjoy. A loving story that will be a special favourite for little girls.

merida angus
On sale: 15 May 2012
Price (US): $3.99
ISBN: 9780736429016
Recommended age: 2+
In a word: Merida
Re-read it: yes
Recommend: yes
Star rating: five out of five

June 17, 2013


Wildlife by Fiona Wood

The Wildlife Can Be Dangerous, Feed At Your Own Risk!


When you're a shy, naive girl in high school, gaining a little popularity is pretty much the equivalent of throwing a lamb to the wolves; the only thing worse is having a best friend who is really a wolf in sheep's clothing. For Sibylla this is exactly what happens, but maybe if she can discover herself in time she may escape being eaten alive.
Being the new student is like being a fish out of water, you instantly don't belong, no one seems to want you and your very existence is a fight for survival. For Lou surviving a new school is nothing, she doesn't care about belonging, she doesn't care about being wanted, it is only life she is fighting to survive, only her grief she is struggling to breath through.
Wildlife is not about surviving the animals of the wilderness but the wildness in your fellow students. For these year 10 students, spending fourth term at Mt Fairweather, Crowthorne Grammar's outdoor educational campus, is more then an education on becoming self-sufficient, it is a lesson in becoming self-aware, of growing up and making discoveries on life, love and acceptance of ones-self.
On sale: 01 June 2013
Price (AU): $16.99
ISBN: 9781742612317
Recommended age: 16+
In a word: Wilderness
Re-read it: possibly
Recommend: probably
Star rating: three out of five

June 10, 2013

Secrets of Carrick Book 2

by Ananda Braxton-Smith

This Is What I Am For!


Fermion and Bolson were twins, but despite there sameness they were very different. Though they shared the same face and the same heart, it was Fermion who was older, always in a rush, never believing what she couldn't see and always working for others. Bolson on the other hand always took his time with things, he saw whole worlds were others saw only a drop of water; he believed the birds spoke to him and he worked only towards fulfilling their wishes.

But when Fermion found her brother, the life drained from his cold body, her life was suddenly changed, as was that of her whole family. Losing Bolson meant losing a piece of herself, but it was also a loss to everyone at home. Everyone in her family was changed by his absence and for Fermion nothing could make sense again until she could discover the reason why he had died and accept that he was never coming back.

Tantony is a journey through grief and loss, a journey across land and sea, a journey to find your own path in life and what you believe. As one girl struggles with her life, her loss and what she believes she learns to accept others for who they are and herself for who she needs to be. Written with a raw and edgy language that reflects the uniqueness of this country and the quirkiness of its people, this down to earth story is one that settles deep within you and refuses leave. On sale: 01 May 2013
Price (AU): $18.95
ISBN: 9781742031668
Recommended age: 13+
In a word: Monsters
Re-read it: yes
Recommend: yes
Star rating: five out of five

June 3, 2013

Pandora English #3

The Skeleton Key
by Tara Moss

She Has A Date With A Green Eyed Monster!

skeleton key

Pandora is looking forward to her date with Lieutenant Luke, a ghost from the Civil War. This is despite the fact that she sees him most nights; he is her spirit guide after all. However this night will be different, on this night it will be the Crow Moon, on this night Lieutenant Luke will be flesh-and-blood.

When Lieutenant Luke disappears halfway through their date, Pandora is not just frustrated but frightened. What if he is gone for good? However there are other worries to occupy her, she is sure her boss Skye DeVille is now Sanguine and on the verge of firing her at any moment. Jay Rockwell posses a romantic complication and Athanasia and her friends continue their vendetta against her.

But most curious of all is the skeleton key Pandora now possesses and the doors it opens in her Specktor home. Repeatedly warned of the Powerful force in Specktor, Pandora comes face to face with the architect of her new home and finally learns the secret behind its powerful force. Too bad she may not live long enough to survive what comes next, the Revolution of the Dead.

The Skeleton Key gains access to doors and pathways previously closed to Pandora, however what she never expected to find was the entryway to underworld. As the dead rise up across New York City, Pandora can't help but think what lousy time they have, right in the middle of her second first date. A romantically complex, fashionable tale where the dead outnumber the living.
On sale: 01 December 2012
Price (AU): $22.99
ISBN: 9781742611631
Recommended age: 16+
In a word: Revolution Of The Dead
Re-read it: probably
Recommend: yes
Star rating: four out of five