January 15, 2010

Quantum Enchantment - Book One

The Spell Of Rosette by Kim Falconer

Sometimes You Have To Die To Survive!

Earth in the 21st Century is facing an environmental crisis. The organisation ASSIST has been formed to engage this problem. To help ASSIST is the JARROD, unfortunately for JARROD ASSIST does not like what it hears and has taken action against JARROD. The only hope lies with a Techno-Witch and a DNA splicing scientist.

Gaela is a world that's pure in its beauty and its resources. It is a world of peace with few villages and fewer cities, with small farms dotting the lands. Technology has not touched this world, but magic has. It is the perfect hiding place for a hunted technology that looks human, and is the key to saving the Earth.

Rosette is born to a world that is not her own. After a brutal tragedy leaves her alone, she decides it is too dangerous for her live. Five years later her choices will begin a chain of event that exposes everyone and their secrets. Rosette will also discover her life is not as she believed, and that although Gaela is her home, it is Earth that she must save.

The Spell Of Rosette is a epic journey. It is a science-fiction story with a future Earth, portals to other worlds, and sentient computers. It is also a fantasy story filled with magic, Lupins, talking cats, and sword fighting. Rosette has a habit of passing-out at the most inopportune of times; there's also a great deal of astrology reflecting Kim Falconer's own interests, but knowledge of this is not necessary to enjoy this spellbinding book.

Gaela - map
On sale: 01 January 2009
Price (AU): $20.99
ISBN: 9780732287719
Recommended age: 18+
In a word: Rosette
Re-read it: yes
Recommend: yes
Star rating: four out of five

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