January 8, 2010

The Faeries Pop-Up Book

The Faeries Pop-Up Book by Brian Froud

Mortals Beware, There Be Faeries There!

The world of Faerie is a land of magic and mystery that is not always sweet and innocent. Many a lost and blundering soul has met with danger through inadvertently stumbling upon some sacred faery gathering or land, never to see their way home again.

There are many different kinds of faeries. Some are the traditionally beautiful faeries that dance amongst fairy-ring, some are the tricky and pesky pixies that love nothing more than to gambol and steal horses, and some are goblins who are the villains of the faery land, causing trouble and thieving whenever they can.

But Faeries are also known for the treasures they hide, the enchanting music they play, and the flora that is the link between their world and ours. One must always be careful when walking in the woods, or reading this book, for you never know when a faery may pop-up and surprise you.

Taken from FAERIES, by Alen Lee and Brian Froud, this engaging book is your guide to all things faery, bringing to life the beauty and danger to be found is a world that is steeped in magic and wonder.
On sale: 02 October 1980
ISBN: 9780722657058
Recommended age: 3+
In a word: Faeries
Re-read it: yes
Recommend: yes
Star rating: five out of five

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