January 18, 2010


Fairyopolis - A Flower Fairies Journal
by Cicely Mary Barker

Fairies Are Fun!

During the summer of 1920 Cicely Mary Barker kept a journal of her time in Storrington, it was during this time she felt most inspired by her fairy friends, and so decided to entrust her journal to The British Faerie Folklore Society for preservation. It is this journal we are presented with here.

Storrington is a place of tranquillity surrounded by beauty and wild flowers. And as Cicely Mary Barker discovered, it is also surrounded by fairies. Day after day Cicely discovers more and more evidence of fairies. From tiny foot prints, to enchanting music, fairy wings and fairy dust, and also fairy's in photos.

It is an invaluable journal full of tips and hints on identifying fairies, and where they can be found. There is a guide to fairy trees and fairy rings and also tales of fairy. And there is also a recipe for blackberry jam! But above all else there are fairies themselves dancing through the pages of this journal.

I love the interactivity with this book. Fairyopolis is a magical guide into a world not often seen, but often imagined. There is so much magic and beauty to discover within these pages, and I hope any fairy lover will take the time to uncover it.
On sale: 21 November 2005
ISBN: 9780723257240
Recommended age: 6+
In a word: Fairies
Re-read it: yes
Recommend: yes
Star rating: five out of five

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