September 2, 2013

Discworld - Nanny Ogg's Cookbook

Nanny Ogg's Cookbook
by Terry Pratchett,
Stephen Briggs, Tina Hannan
illustrated by Paul Kidby

Deliciously Gross, Disgustingly Tasty!


After years of people seeking out her recipes, advice and wisdom, Nanny Ogg has decided to write down much of what she knows, and if others are interested then all the better. Who else would be able to impart the secrets of Nanny Ogg's Perfectly Innocent Porridge with Completely Inoffensive Honey Mixture Which Shouldn't Make Anyone's Wife Laugh, which turns out to be honey. Or who else would you ask to ensure the proper etiquette of a wedding, the answer being plenty of strong drink for a fight to break out at.

Nanny Ogg's Cookbook is more than a collection of recipes both disgusting and strange; it is a manual for those times in life where the social rules may elude you. How else would you know who to sit where at your dinner party and what food to avoid with certain guests. It is highly recommended that you not actually try any of these recipes, for while technically edible the taste maybe highly questionable. An amusing and witty collection of recipes and advice on etiquette that is fit only for the Discworld and the odd witch.
On sale: 02 November 2001
Price (AU): $27.99
Recommended age: 16+
In a word: Nanny Ogg
Re-read it: yes
Recommend: yes
Star rating: four out of five

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