August 19, 2013

Snake Bite

Snake Bite by Christie Thompson
With Friends Like These...!

Laura has just moved from Melbourne to a small town in Canberra, her two mums had decided the move would be good for her, but now she is stuck without friends in a boring little town with nothing to do. That's when she decides to get a piercing, and while there makes friends with Lukey and Jaz. But just as she and Lukey seem to be hitting it off, Jaz takes an almost disliking to her.

Casey has lived her whole life in this shit hole of a small town. She is bored, reckless and always looking for her next drink, and her next conquest. There is nothing, and no one she won't do to satisfy her desires. What she can't stand, however, is her so called friend Jez looking down on her as though she were worthless.

Lukey is fed up with his home life, ever since his mother died when he was young, his father has been absent and his older brother has become increasingly drunk and abusive. But he has a plan to escape all that, as soon as he has sold enough pills, he will use the money to leave this hellish small town and hopefully his best friend Jez will be leaving with him.
Snake Bite is the story of Jez, a seventeen year old virgin with eleven piercings, blue highlights and a habit of wearing black jeans, even in forty degree weather.  Although at heart Jez is hoping for a fairytale romance, this is a story of sex, drugs and body piercings, where the language is violent and the friendships volatile. Be warned, this is a messed up story that is not for everyone.
On sale: 01 August 2013
Price (AU): $24.99
ISBN: 9781743316863
Recommended age: 16+
In a word: Jaz
Re-read it: possibly
Recommend: probably
Star rating: three out of five

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