December 17, 2012

Wool - Wool Omnibus

Wool Omnibus by Hugh Howey

Removing The Wool From People's Eyes!

The Silo, a hundred and forty levels where people work, shop, play and live. It is home to hundreds and the only world they have ever known and all of it is underground. There is nothing else, no one else, just the death of outside and the knowledge that they are alone. They are the last people in the world.

It is forbidden to speak of the outside world, forbidden to question the laws of the Silo and those who do are punished, sentenced to eviction from the Silo and shown a horrifying truth, a beautiful lie. Strapped into suits, pockets filled with scrubbing brushes, they are cast out of the safety of the Silo and sent forth into a poisonous world. No one who has been cast out has failed to clean the sensors of the silo, gifting its residents a clearer view of the outside world. No one has failed to die moments later, only meters away from a freshly scrubbed view.

No one has ever voluntarily asked to become a cleaner, to willingly accept the death sentence that accompanies the opportunity to venture outside the Silo, at least that anyone can remember. Then in three years two people had asked, insisted, to be let outside. Despite choosing to leave, they too clean as the others had, and die as the others had. But what drew them to this decision will start a chain of events that will lead to the impossible, a person cast out who refuses to clean and instead of dying just walks away, disappearing from view.
No one sent out to clean has ever made it beyond the horizon, no one ever should. The repercussions for the Silo are disastrous and the only outcome is war. The people have been lied to long enough, they want the truth, they want a different sort of leadership, a new and better world. But those in power are better prepared, know what is coming and death is the only justice they believe in. While outside, beyond the horizon one person is learning just how deep the lies run, just how dangerous the world can be.

Wool is the story of the future, of people not set adrift on an ark but kept in the dark and buried deep within the earth. The hope for a brighter future being lost amongst the dirt and layers of lies, as the years pass over generations with no sunlight, no warmth and no illumination. As humanity strives for truth, for light, they find they are chocking within the confines of the earth, longing for colour, life and wide open spaces. A story that speaks to the nature of humanity, drawing you into an unimaginably frightening world that seems all to real, a future that is all too possible. A riveting story that should not be missed.
On sale: 15 December 2012
Price (AU): $34.95
ISBN: 9781780891231
Recommended age: 18+
In a word: Future
Re-read it: yes
Recommend: yes
Star rating: five out of five

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  1. Even in this short of a story, Howey successfully created characters that you can relate to and that have depth. It was not so much a storyline summary, as you might assume by its relative petite size, but a well developed read that has an ending that will leave you stunned.