December 12, 2012

Guest Post - Dance Of Shadows: Margaret Alder's Diary Entry


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Margaret Alder's Diary Entry
Guest Post by
Yelena Black

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Where is Margaret Alder?

Not too long ago, Vanessa was informed that her sister Margaret had run away from the New York Ballet Academy. The school said Margaret left NYBA because of all the pressure, but Vanessa knows that her sister wouldn't give up on her dreams like that.

After driving down to New York City to look for her, her parents found pages of Margaret's diary in her dorm room. Vanessa is convinced that if she can find more of these entries she will discover something about her sister's disappearance.

Margaret's Diary
Dear Diary,
Another day, another creepy exchange with Anna and Chloe. They pointedly were doing their warm-up stretches right behind me, talking loudly. (They are about as subtle as bricks, these two.)

Anna:         You know, I’d really love to have some light reading.
Chloe:        You mean like a novel?
Anna:         Maybe. Or, you know, a, like, reality book.
Chloe:        Oh, you mean like a journal!
Anna:         Right. Like a diary! The one I’m thinking of would be covered in, like, orangey leather, and have a tiny little locked clasp.
Chloe:        Locks like those, you just look at them funny and they pop open.
Anna:         Or you drop them on the ground, and oops! The clasp broke!
Chloe:        You may as well post your innermost thoughts on a blog.
Anna:         Or Facebook.
Chloe:        Because really? There’s no such thing as privacy.

There’s only one way they could know about you, Diary. I am going to kill Maddy.

Dance Of Shadows
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