June 29, 2012

Swift #1

by R J Anderson

A Piskey Like No Other!

There were only a couple of times a year when the piskeys ventures out of the Delve and into the world above, only a couple of times of year when it was made safe for piskeys to leave their underground home. With all the spells and wards in place no one expected danger to find them, but when Ivy's mother disappears there can be only one explanation, the spriggans have caught her.

Five years later and the impossible happens, the spriggans have returned. But as only Ivy alone has seen the creature no one believes her, that is until piskeys start disappearing from the Delve and the creature is caught. But what this spriggan has to say will have Ivy question all that she knows and lead her to betray her kind in search of the truth.

With nothing left to lose Ivy takes the word of a stranger, worse still, the word of a spriggan, over her own piskeys as one choice leads into another and eventually she finds that the truth is not as simple as she believed. With no one to trust and danger closing in around her and those she cares for, time is running out for Ivy and her fellow piskeys.

Swift introduces a new series of magical beings troubled by the past, trapped by their environment and unable to move on from their current situation. Alongside this clan of piskeys and knockers are some familiar faeries from the previous Faery Rebels series, and with this new tale comes some new and exciting adventures. As an added bonus this book includes the free short story Renegade.
On sale: 01 May 2012
Price (AU): $16.99
ISBN: 9781408312636
Recommended age: 10+
In a word: Piskeys
Re-read it: yes
Recommend: yes
Star rating: five out of five

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