June 30, 2012

Swift #0.5

by R J Anderson

Martin's Story!

On the run from the Empress, he never guessed the lengths she would go to in order to bring him back, or if not bring him back, end him. He never realised just how far he would push himself to escape. But pushed too far, Martin almost completes the Empresses wishes for himself. Falling out of the sky, one minute a bird, the next a boy, Martin never hoped to survive. But then a girl appeared.

Renegade is the story of Martin's escape from the Empress and his meeting with a human girl who not only saves his life, but would go on to play a vital role in Ivy's story Swift. With insights into his past and his relationship with the woman he would go on to kill, Renegade is one short story that's long in history, filling in events that have taken place between the old faery series ending with Arrow and the new piskey series starting with Swift.
On sale: 01 May 2012
Price (AU): free with Swift
ISBN: 9781408312636
Recommended age: 10+
In a word: Martin
Re-read it: possibly
Recommend: to those reading the series
Star rating: four out of five

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