January 31, 2012

The Scariest Thing of All

The Scariest Thing Of All by Debi Gliori

I'm Not Afraid!

When a scared little rabbit one day finds himself all alone in a scary place hearing scary sounds, he makes a most shocking discovery. The scariest thing of all is not a gobbler blowing bubbles, not a vast hisster weaving its web, not even a giant wood troll thumping its teeth. The scariest thing of all is not at all what you'd expect.

The Scariest Thing Of All is a fun and exciting children's tale that will enchant it's young readers not only with it's tale of scary critters but also with its cute and shadowy images. This sweet and haunting little story will show that no matter how little one is, there is nothing scary about 'things'. A scary little tale that isn't really that scary at all.
On sale: 01 December 2011
Price (AU): $22.99
ISBN: 9780747599692
Recommended age: 2-6
In a word: Scarry
Re-read it: yes
Recommend: yes
Star rating: four out of five

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