January 23, 2011

Need #1

Need by Carrie Jones

I Don't Want, I Need!

There are many reasons for the move, not least of which being for Zara's mental health. After her father died, after she watched her step-father, the only father she has ever known and loved, die before her eyes life lost all meaning. She felt dead inside, hollow, all she knew was that she had been left alone, abandoned and life had lost all meaning.

Slowly, Zara is beginning to wake from her grief stricken state only to find herself in a strange, altered world. Zara begins to notice things, remember things, like the guy present when her father died was the same guy at the airport when she left Charleston. He also shows up on her arrival in Maine and at her new school. A weird stalker would be bad enough except this is no ordinary stalker and what he needs will change Zara forever.

Need is a Pixie King without his Queen, where gold dust, pointy teeth and a lust for blood can only be tempered with a kiss. However, Zara is learning all about the strange and supernatural things in the world, like the existence of Pixies who above all else should definitely not be kissed, unlike a curtain werewolf who is very cute and very kissable. A supernatural teen romance where one girl discovers the secret of her heritage and the truth about pixies.
On sale: 01 April 2010
Price (AU): $15.99
ISBN: 9781408807408
Recommended age: 12-18
In a word: Pixies
Re-read it: possibly
Recommend: probably
Star rating: three out of five

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  1. I have this one on the shelves, but I haven't read it yet. So many books, so little time.