May 23, 2010


Wonderland by Tommy Kovacillustrated by Sonny Liew

'One Of Them Girly-Type Faces'

When Alice followed a talking white rabbit down a rabbit hole the events that followed became well known, but not only in our world. Wonderland was a world changed as Alice had left behind her a land in chaos and a kingdom now full of the curious.

But the most intriguing and unanswered question to arise from Alice's Adventure In Wonderland is the curious manner in which the white rabbit refers to Alice as Mary Ann. Just who is this Mary Ann and why is does the white rabbit insist Alice is she?

Would it surprise you to learn that, like Alice, Mary Ann was a girl who wore some sort of dress and had some sort of hair on her head. Under such circumstances could the white rabbit really be blamed for getting the two mixed up?

But then Alice turned out to be some sort of monster, creating chaos and in-sighting curiosity, while Mary Ann is but a humble and orderly maid who loves noting more then to clean and tidy. However when it comes down to it are Alice and Mary Ann really so different.

Wonderland is a graphic novel that tells the story of the elusive Mary Ann and what life was like for those in Wonderland after Alice. A combination of the comic book issues that comprised the Wonderland comic series are brought together in this vivid and intriguing hardcover edition. A quirky and curious tale for all those to dare to know more.

Mary Ann
On sale: 01 October 2009
Price (US): $19.99
ISBN: 97814423104513
Recommended age: 14+
In a word: Wonderland
Re-read it: yes
Recommend: yes
Star rating: four out of five

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