October 19, 2009

The Shadow of the Wind

The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Which Ever Way The Wind Blows!

Julian Carax was once heard to say that we only exist as long as there is someone to remember us. According to all reports Julian Carax had died many years ago, but thanks to a small boy, Julian Carax is about to exist once more amongst the living.

Awoken in the night by the cries of his young son Daniel, a father makes a decision that will change his son's life forever. Daniel is introduced to the Cemetery of Forgotten Books, and it is within these numerous dust filled shelves that Daniel discovers Julian Carax, and a mystery that will haunt him and bring danger to everyone he loves.

From the moment Daniel picked up the book The Shadow of the Wind at the Cemetery of Forgotten Books, he became enthralled with the author Julian Carax. The only problem was that no one seemed to know much about how to locate any of his other books, if they still existed, and even less was known about the man himself.

Determined to discover all he can about the man whose books mean so much to him, Daniel embarks on a journey into the past. Hidden beneath secrets and around dark corners, Daniel is slowly able to put together the life of Julian Carax, a life that is not so different from his own, but will he live long enough to see it through to the end of the story.

This is a story about first loves, and true loves, and loves of literature. This is a story about danger, and murder, and wars; a story of secrets and mysteries. In this story madmen roam the streets with all authority and characters escape the confines of their pages to walk amongst their readers. This is a story about The Shadow of the Wind. In this, you will be taken in, unable to escape the mystery that burns within; a brilliant and unforgettable read.
On sale: 03 July 2006
Price (AU): $25.00
ISBN: 9781920885854
Recommended age: 18+
In a word: Mystery
Re-read it: probably
Recommend: yes
Star rating: five out of five

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