July 17, 2009

Ruby The Red Fairy - FREE

Ruby The Red Fairy by Daisy Meadows

'I Always Believed In Fairies'

Rachel Walker was on her way to Rainspell Island to spend a week's holiday with her parents. On the ferry Rachel meets Kirsty Tate, and the two quickly become friends.

Once on the island Rachel and Kirsty decide to explore, a rainbow that they spotted from the ferry that seems to end not too far away and the two friends set off to see if there really is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Rachel and Kirsty are surprised when they actually find a pot at the end of the rainbow, but were even more surprised to find what was inside.

Trapped inside an old upturned pot is a tiny winged girl.
A fairy.

Ruby the Red Fairy has lost her sisters, banished from Fairyland until they can be reunited; Rachel and Kirsty agree to help Ruby find her sisters so they might be able to return home to Fairyland.

Rechel and Kirsty now only have six days to find six fairies; will they find all of Ruby's sisters before their holidays come to an end?
The adventure continues in book two Amber The Orange Fairy.

A cute story that any little girl can enjoy. The only problem is that you need all seven books in the series to fully enjoy the story. It was a bit of a letdown that the story is not able to standalone.

This book arrived FREE today in the mail and anyone, in Australia, is able to get a copy.
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This offer ends 30th September 2009.
On sale: 19 September 2008
ISBN: 9781408305072
Recommended age: 6-9
In a word: Red
Re-read it: possibly
Recommend: to children, girls
Star rating: two out of five

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