July 22, 2009


Coraline (Film tie-in edition) by Neil Gaiman

Enter If You Dare!

Coraline is a girl, small for her age, alone with no siblings, and surrounded by adults too busy to play with her. But there is one person desperate for Coraline to play to with them forever, and ever, and ever...

When Coraline and her parents move into a new home, Coraline decides to explore. Coraline loves to explore and what she finds is a door, in a wall, that leads to nowhere. That's because it's bricked up. Disappointed, Coraline decides to explore the garden. But as the rain settles in she is forced once again indoors.

Strange noises and shadows in the night cause Coraline to become curious. Obscure and ominous warnings are given to Coraline, but still her curiosity gets the better of her. Once again she is drawn to the door, in the wall. Only this time the bricks are gone. Eager to explore Coraline enters.

What Coarline finds is a world not unlike her own, with a few differences. The home is almost identical to her own and there are parents here too who are almost exactly the same as her real parents, only with one small difference. Their eyes. The 'other' mother and 'other' father have no eyes, only shiny black buttons where theirs should be.

Scared, Coraline tries to return home, but home is not the same anymore. The 'other' mother of this strange world has decided she wants to keep Coaline, and never let her go. She's decided Coraline should have shiny black buttons where her eyes should be. Is Coraline brave enough to find a way to save herself and find a way back home, or will she be trapped, with black buttoned eyes, with her 'other' mother forever?

What a great story. Neil Gaiman is an excellent writer and has delivered yet another fascinating and eerie tale, with dark humour and an intriguing plot. Coraline is such a likable character and she is surrounded with such a quirky and strange cast of characters that you can't help but enjoy this book.

I know it's a children's book but I enjoy a good book no matter the target age. Once I started reading it I couldn't put it down.
On sale: 01 July 2009
Price (AU): $15.95
ISBN: 9780747597308
Recommended age: 10-18
In a word: Button
Re-read it: yes
Recommend: yes
Star rating: three out of five

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