September 24, 2009

Sookie Stackhouse #8

From Dead To Worse by Charlaine Harris

Everything Has Changed, But Nothing Is Different!

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the disaster of the Vampire Summit, Sookie Stackhouse had hoped things might finally return to normal; as normal as things can be for a telepath. But many lives, and dead lives, had been lost with many others left wounded. There was a lot to recover from; uncertainty and danger surrounded Sookie as the vampires struggled to protect a weakened Queen, and the werewolves drew ever closer to taking out their own pack.

Sookie, however, has other things on her mind. There was the double wedding to start with, not to mention the total disappearance of her boyfriend Quinn, at least she thinks he is still her boyfriend, but she's not heard from him in so long she and can't be certain of his feelings. Also, someone is gong out of their way to make life difficult for Sookie and those close to her.

Sookie is in for a lot of surprises, a few are even family related and Hadley also manages to deliver a bombshell from the beyond. Eric has a revelation of his own and even Sam has a few tricks up his sleeves, or at least under his clothing. Sookie finds out that even a telepath can be surprised as everyone seems to have something their keeping from her, but the biggest betrayal will come from someone she loves.

This book is chockfull of excitement, events and surprises, right up until the very last page. An enjoyable read to pass the time and a great story in the continuing adventures of Sookie Stackhouse.
On sale: 01 April 2009
Price (US): $7.99
ISBN: 9780441017010
Recommended age: 18+
In a word: Families
Re-read it: probably
Recommend: to those reading the series
Star rating: four out of five

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