April 14, 2014

Looking For JJ

Looking For JJ by Anne Cassidy

How To Live With What's Been Done!


Jennifer Jones, JJ, killed a ten year old girl and was locked away for her crime. That was six years ago, now the name JJ is once again headline news due to her release from prison. Although detention centre may be a more accurate description then prison, as you can hardly send a ten year old to prison, even for murder.

Now sixteen, JJ has a new name and a new life, with a chance to start fresh from her past actions. There are those who believe she should never be released, sometimes she even believes that herself. But only she knows the true reasons for her actions that day, and only she can decide if she deserves a second chance.

Looking For JJ is a fascinating story of a child murderer, of a girl searching for identity, of a haunting and terrible past. Neglected, ignored and starved for affection, this is a sad and tragic tale told incredibly with compassion and realism through the eyes of a killer, the memories of a ten year old, the hope of a sixteen year old.
On sale: 01 August 2013
Price (AU): $16.99
ISBN: 9781407138091
Recommended age: 14+
In a word: JJ
Re-read it: probably
Recommend: yes
Star rating: four out of five

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