July 8, 2013

The Wardstone Chronicles Book6

Sacrifice by Joseph Delaney

A Sacrifice For The Greater Good!

Despite Alice's training as a witch, she is Thomas Ward's friend. So even after Alice had been banished by the Spook and had returned to Pendle, Tom missed her. The Spook however would no longer tolerate Alice and her connection to the dark, his greatest fear was that Tom would be turned to the dark, therefore giving the Fiend unspeakable power. But not even the Spook can stop the dark from reaching his own home.

Tom's Mam has returned to the County seeking help in her homeland of Greece. After having enlisted the aid of the Pendle witches, Alice among them, Mam seeks out the help of the Spook, Bill Arkwright and her son Tom, who would never refuse his Mam. Although Bill Arkwright also agrees to accompany Mam and the witches to Greece to fight this great evil, the Spook refuses to sacrifice his principles by working with the enemy.

The Spook’s Sacrifice takes Tom to Greece, where lives will be lost, secrets revealed and the dark makes a powerful win. But as Tom is tempted ever closer to the dark through secrets and lies, and even after the greatest battle against the dark has been fought, there will be a terrible price to pay, and Tom will make the biggest sacrifice of all. The dark has never been more frightening in this, the most thrilling tale in the series yet.
On sale: 02 August 2010
Price (AU): $17.95
ISBN: 9781862303522
Recommended age: 12-16
In a word: Greece
Re-read it: yes
Recommend: yes
Star rating: five out of five

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  1. hmn... is there any one have a pdf copy of this The Wardstone Chronicles?? i'm so curious about this series..