June 24, 2013

Brave (Little Golden Books)

Brave (Little Golden Books) by Random House Disney
A Princess Follows Her Own Path!
brave golden book

Merida is a princess who feels her mother does not understand her; Elinor is a Queen who feels she knows what is best for her daughter. Through miscommunication and a magical spell cake, Merida and her mother must learn to listen to each other and love each other for who they are.

Brave (Little Golden Book) is a charmingly simplistic story of a mother daughter relationship that is simple enough for your little one to follow along with, accompanied by adorable images children will enjoy. A loving story that will be a special favourite for little girls.

merida angus
On sale: 15 May 2012
Price (US): $3.99
ISBN: 9780736429016
Recommended age: 2+
In a word: Merida
Re-read it: yes
Recommend: yes
Star rating: five out of five

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