July 27, 2012

The Body Finder #3

The Last Echo
by Kimberly Derting

"The Girlfriend Collector"

Working with the group at the Center was Violet's chance to make a difference, a chance to use her gifts to help others, and a chance to finally fit in. Despite not being welcomed by all members with open arms, the Center was the one place were Violet didn't have to hide what she could do, or who she truly was.

Violet's skill was finding the dead and those who had murdered. What she couldn't do was find a killer before he had killed, but there was a chance that others at the Center could. And for Violet's sake they would have too, for although working at the Center was dangerous, it could be more dangerous to stay away.

The Last Echo of a life may belong to Violet, an echo that would be carried for the rest of a life. This murder mystery introduces new characters and new challenges for Violet and her unique gift. A new story that continues where the last left off, and one that fans of the series will enjoy.
On sale: 01 June 2012
Price (AU): $14.99
ISBN: 9780755389155
Recommended age: 15+
In a word: The Centre
Re-read it: yes
Recommend: to those reading the series
Star rating:
three out of five

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