August 23, 2011

Mommy, Where Do Baby Unicorns Come From?

Mommy, Where Do Baby Unicorns Come From?
by Renee Adams
But Unicorns Don't Exist!

It is the one question that she could ever dread coming from the mouth of her daughter, the one question that she was hoping to avoid, and the one question she never wanted her little girl to discover the answer to. But when her five year old daughter asked this question her heart froze, "Mommy, Where Do Baby Unicorns Come From?"

When she first spotted the horse, the horse that had a horn on it head, she was enchanted. It was beautiful and magical and for some reason no one else seemed to notice it there on the other side of the fence; no one believed it to be real. But here it was, the brightest white with a horn on its forehead, and it made her wonder. If there exists a grown unicorn it must have once been a baby. But just where did it come from?

Mommy, Where Do Baby Unicorns Come From? is a short and bittersweet tale of one mothers anxiety to explain, or avoid explaining, to her innocent daughter the dark and heartbreaking truth of where baby unicorns come from. A story of one girl learning just how it is unicorns can exist and how in a heartbeat life can change forever. Not so much a story for children, this powerful and beautifully haunting short story is one that will stay with you.

On sale: 28 March 2011
Price eBook (US): $- Free
ISBN: 2940011254734
Recommended age: 9+
In a word: Innocense
Re-read it: yes
Recommend: yes
Star rating: five out of five

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