July 18, 2011

The Hero Chronicles Book One

The Hero Of 1,000 Years
by Christine E. Schulze

A Hero Of Destiny!

Starting at a new school is not so bad when you have familiar faces waiting to great you, and not so familiar faces just waiting to be your friends. Chasmira is happy to be reunited with her old friends Tiffany and Aaron, but soon realizes how much they have all changed when Tiffany constantly disappears without question and Aaron is shown to be a mean bully. However Chasmira's many new friends assure her that all this is nothing new.

After repeatedly finding himself the victim of several deadly incidences, out of no where Arron is flung into the past and is again under attack but this time by dark warriors on black horses carrying black weapons. For some reason these warriors have decided that Aaron and his new friend Alyssa Liv are threats to their cause, that is until it is revealed that Arron is a hero, but not just any hero, he is the Hero of 1000 years, the Hero of Destiny.

The Hero Of 1,000 Years is a story of a large group of friends who also happen to be fairies and elves. A dark and evil man is out to rule the world and only Arron as the hero, along with the help of his brave friends, stands a chance at stopping this great evil. Along the way there are dances to attend, a dragon to slay and a school to save. This self published story has some errors and forgotten story threads that I assume will be picked up in the following books, but as a story of magical teens it reads more like a children's book and I think it will be more appreciated by a younger audience.
On sale: 18 September 2009
Price (US): $6.99
ISBN: 9781448689880
Recommended age: 6-12
In a word: Hero
Re-read it: possibly
Recommend: to children
Star rating: two out of five

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