March 6, 2011

Ondine #2

The Autumn Palace by Ebony McKenna

There's Magic In The Air!

Ondine and Hamish have had the whole summer to find each other and fall in love. Now autumn has arrived and Hamish is called away to begin his employment with the Duke as Shambles, his ferret alter ego, to perform duties as a spy. Ondine, although forbidden by her parents to leave home, has decided to follow her heart and Hamish to the Dukes palace the Autumn Palechia. Ondine's parents will not be happy about this at all. However the greater problem will be, if after travelling all the way to the other side of the country, if she is permitted to stay.

Being in love Ondine and Hamish want only to be together, however it is Shambles who is more often then not making an appearance much to Ondine's dismay. However with the very real threat to the Dukes life Ondine can hardly blame Hamish for being preoccupied with his job. As Ondine, Hamish/Shambles and her aunt Colette are set the task of finding this would be assassin, a task that is proving extremely formidable in a palace as there is no shortage of secrets and backstabbing, they find time is running short.

The Autumn Palace is a place filled with hard-working, demanding, spoilt, misunderstood and generally crazy people. There is a feeling to the palace that has people acting in ways they wouldn't normally and Ondine is no exception. Ashamed at her behaviour having spied, lied, cheated and betrayed while all the while holding down three jobs as well as keeping up, or failing at, school work, Ondine still manages to redeem herself. A love story wrapped in a mystery, Ondine may at times be ruled by her emotions but she is by no means incompetent, being quite ingenious and clever. A sweet and intriguing story that will leave you gushing and guessing to the last page.
On sale: 01 March 2011
Price (AU): $14.95
ISBN: 9781405256384
Recommended age: 12+
In a word: Spies
Re-read it: probably
Recommend: yes
Star rating: three out of five

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