February 24, 2011

Dracula in Love

Dracula in Love by Karen Essex

The Greatest Vampire Story Ever Told, Retold!

Mina is a woman on the verge of obtaining all that she has ever wanted. Soon to be married, she and her fiancé Jonathan have already planed out how their future lives together will be, where they will marry, the location of their first home and even the names of their children. Everything was perfect, then the dreams began. But these were no ordinary dreams being as vivid as waking life and Mina begins to question not only her life but also her sanity.

Meanwhile, Jonathan is called away on business and in his absence Mina begins to see all her dreams of a future with him crumble. Slowly, as her dream world collides with reality, Mina begins to see a different future, one that spans not only her present life but stretches into forever. But that is a future not with her fiancé but with another man, a man who had always been with her in one way or another. Mina must discover who she is and what she wants as she descends down a path that will either bring her closer to her hearts desire or to a life unfulfilled.

Dracula in Love from its first pages presents you with a story that promises to be something extraordinary. A story of a woman faced with an ageless love and an inhibiting social conscious, told in a time where woman are seen as either delicate angels or seductive villainesses. Here the supernatural and demonic Dracula is retold in a more realistic but no less fantastic version where the real monsters are not those demonic creatures of the night but the very men who claim heroism through brutal means. Murder, betrayal, scandal and desire all play a role but at its heart this is a story of eternal love.
On sale: 01 January 2011
Price (AU): $24.99
ISBN: 9781742376134
Recommended age: 18+
In a word: Vampires
Re-read it: yes
Recommend: yes
Star rating: five out of five

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