December 10, 2010

Daniel X: The Manga Volume 1

Daniel X: The Manga Volume 1 by James Patterson
& Michael Ledwidge

art by Seunghui Kye

You Know Who I Am!

As a three year old Daniel witnessed the murder of his parents and although too young to have done anything to save them he still feels responsible. Twelve years later and Daniel is continuing the work his parents started, hunting aliens and protecting the earth. But always at the back of his mind are his parents and the one alien that killed them. One day he will find that alien, but in the mean time...

The list holds all the known alien threats on earth ranking them in order of most dangerous but when the list throws up an alien that is number six as the next to be handled, Daniel may have finally met his match. A new city and a new friend await Daniel in his search for a new alien, one more powerful then he has ever faced before and one that may inadvertently give Daniel the one thing he has been missing these last twelve years, that is if Daniel can live long enough to find it.

Daniel X as a graphic novel is a fresh and innovative way to introduce this exciting and comical story to a wider audience of people who, like me, have yet to read this series. As a superhero Daniel is young, vulnerable and charming, displaying a wide range of powers, exactly what you want in a main character. Daniel may always be alone in his quest against the aliens to save the earth, but he has the power to bring those he loves to him when he needs them most.
On sale: 01 November 2010
Price (AU): $29.99
ISBN: 9781907410529
Recommended age: 14+
In a word: Aliens
Re-read it: yes
Recommend: yes
Star rating: three out of five



  2. ive read some of his books i bet this one will be awesome!