June 18, 2010

Seven Sacred Sites

Seven Sacred Sites by Serene Conneeley

Step Back In Time!

Have you ever been captured by the magic and wonder of the past? Some of the most ancient of civilisations to have left their mark on our world have all but disappeared but for a few monuments and sites that were once so sacred to them but are now only a mystery to us. If you have ever felt the pull to another time and another place lost now to history then this is the book for you.

Seven Sacred Sites are captured and presented with full history and mythology in this informative reference. Significant cultural and religious meanings taken from the past are presented along with spiritual guidance to these most enchanted of landmarks. What makes each place so special and unique is explored with care and great detail along with images to inspire your journey into the past of our blessed and sacred lands.
On sale: 01 October 2008
Price (AU): $34.95
ISBN: 9780980548709
Recommended age: 16+
In a word: Sacred
Re-read it: yes
Recommend: yes
Star rating: five out of five

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