March 12, 2010

The Wardstone Chronicles - Witches

)Witches by Joseph Delaney

Beware Beautiful Women Wearing Pointy Shoes!

Witches are powerful being of darkness known for spurting curses, performing sacrifices and causing deaths. They are greatly feared and rightly so, for Witches in the world of The Spook's are some of the most dangerous and complicated creatures you will ever find.

Meg Skelton.
John Gregory is a Spook and deals with all manner of creatures of the dark including ghosts, boggarts and witches. Meg Skelton is a damsel in distress rescued by the Spook, John. It was love at first sight. However when John discovers that Meg wears pointy shoes things became complicated. Can two sworn enemies really live together in peace?

Dirty Dora.
Dora Deane might have earned her nick name 'Dirty Dora' from the great globs of spittle she leaves all about her territory, but it may also be a reference to her current condition. For living under rotting leaves with bugs in your hair is not the cleanest of places to live. Dora however has little choice, for she is a dead witch. But just how exactly does one become a dead witch?

Grimalkin's Tale.
Grimalkin is a fearless and determined young witch who is also well skilled as a blacksmith and assassin; in fact she is the witch assassin of the Malkin clan. Only one has ever survived Grimalkin once she has decided to end their life. But as Grimalkin's only true enemy, why is she so determined to kill the one being all other witches worship?

Alice and the Brain Guzzler.
Alice Deane had been an orphan for only three days before Bony Lizzie showed up. Alice didn't want to become a witch; however Lizzie would have her way. Besides for Alice becoming a witch was inevitable, it was in the blood. Alice was now to learn the ways of a witch, but would she live long enough to survive the teachings?

The Banshee Witch.
Tomas Ward is a Spook's apprentice who spent time training under the Spook Bill Arkwright. Tom was taught many new skills, acquired many new bruises and also made powerful new enemies. It was also during this time that a call for help arrived from a manor being haunted by a banshee but there was little a Spook could do, or so they thought. Was there something more then just a benign spirit at play?

These five stories of Witches are a creative blend of mythology and imagination. Delightfully wicked and great to enjoy as a one off, these stories are the perfect way to become acquainted to the series if you haven't already done so. Witches also offers invaluable insights as these are the background stories that enrich the series, a must read for fans.

The SPOOK'S - map
On sale: 01 December 2009
Price (AU): $22.95
ISBN: 9780370329963
Recommended age: 12-16
In a word: Witches
Re-read it: yes
Recommend: yes
Star rating: four out of five

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