February 3, 2010

Fallen #1

by Lauren Kate

... Then An Angel Fell For A Mortal!

In the beginning he would search for her, when he didn't find her she would find him. In every life they would come together only to be torn apart. They were in love. They were domed. Time and time again he would lose her, and she would die. Time and time again he would remember and she would forget. It was always the same. Until now...

Ever since she can remember, Lucinda has seen things no one else can. Shadows. Luce had always feared them, but they had always kept their distance. Until the day they got too close and took a life. After the 'accident' things changed. People looked at her differently, with fear, even her parents. And Lucinda was sent away.

Stepping through the gates of Sword & Cross was like stepping into another world. On her first day at reform school Luce met a boy. He was cold and aloof, but somehow mesmerising. Was she crazy or had they met before? But no matter how many times he told her she was, she was sure she was not crazy.

Fallen is the story of an age old battle, one that has been reining since the beginning of time, one that will last to the end. The fate of all eternal souls rests in the hands of a pair of star-crossed-lovers. And Lucinda and Daniel are as domed and as much in love as Romeo and Juliet.

Natural and flowing language guides Lucinda through a new and thrilling world, where the only thing that's more important than survival is love. For all those who have had enough of vampires, now there are angels. And waiting for what happens next will be Torment.
On sale: 08 December 2009
Price (AU): $29.95
ISBN: 9780385618021
Recommended age: 12+
In a word: Love
Re-read it: yes
Recommend: yes
Star rating: five out of five

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