December 28, 2009

Dreaming of Amelia

Dreaming of Amelia by Jaclyn Moriarty

To Dream, To Time Travel, To See Ghosts!

The final year of high school is a year full of changes, messing about, dreaming of the future, farewells, and of cause exams. But at Ashbury High, it is also a year full of ghosts. There are two new students attending Ashbury High this year, Amelia and Riley, and there is something very different about them, but no one can quite guess what...

Amelia and Riley are hiding a secret, actually they are hiding more then one secret, but the secret that brought them to Ashbury High for their final year of high school has something to do with their new class mate Lydia.

Lydia, however, seems to be the one person at Ashbury High who is not interested in Amelia and Riley. Emily, one of Lydia's best friends, has becomes increasing obsessed with the new students; and also with a ghost that's haunting the school. While Tobias, another class mate, finds himself drawn further and further into the past. But somehow it all seems related to Amelia and Riley.

Dreaming of Amelia is a ghost story like you've never read before. Told through exam answers, essays, emails and blog entries, it is unique in its format. However, all the chopping and changing in this book seemed to draw the story out unnecessarily long, it also made it difficult to finish this book as it kept loosing my attention. While the story (when you get to it) is somewhat interesting, there was way too much back tracking and too many versions of the same events given over and over to keep this book from flowing.
On sale: 01 November 2009
Price (AU): $16.99
ISBN: 9780330425278
Recommended age: 13+
In a word: Ghosts
Re-read it: possibly
Recommend: possibly
Star rating: three out of five

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