August 21, 2009

Little Horrors - Book 1

Flax the Feral Fairy by Tiffany Mandrake
illustrated by Martin Chatterton

Being Feral Can Be Fun!

Gone are the days of mischievous fairies who would 'borrow' items without asking, turn milk sour and lead folk to a water death in the swamps and lakes. Now fairies are good and sweet and do all they can to be helpful. But not all fairies are happy about this.

Two water hags, Maggie Nabbie and Auld Anni, are discussing the old days when fairies were tricky and bad. Lamenting that there are no more bad fairies, and blaming Miss Kisses' Academy of Sweetness for Little Fairies for it. But all is not lost.

A critter-fae happens upon the hags with news, Kristy Breeks, a hag and cleaner at Miss Kisses' Academy of Sweetness for Little Fairies has found a bad fairy. But they must get to her quickly before Miss Kisses turns her into another good fairy like all the others.

Flax is a student at Miss Kisses' Academy of Sweetness for Little Fairies, but she's not a very good student. While all the other fairies are busy going about performing sweet deeds for humans in an effort to earn a Seal of Sweetness, Flax is not. Flax would rather be bad. And one night she gets her chance.

Flax is awoken in the middle of the night by a tiny dog with wings, a critter-fae, with an invitation to earn a Badge of Badness from the newly formed Head Hags of Hags' Abademy of Badness. Flax cannot believe her luck.

Excited, Flax creates a plan that will gain her a Badge of Badness, but things don't seem to work out as planed. Despite kidnappers and mouldering mansion and banshees and an ogre. Will Flax be able to earn her Badge of Badness or have things gotten so bad, good, that she will instead be offered a Seal of Sweetness.

Flax the Feral Fairy is a fun and naughty tale that is very entertaining; children will love it.
On sale: 01 February 2009
Price (AU): $10.99
ISBN: 9781921272707
Recommended age: 7-10
In a word: Feral
Re-read it: probably
Recommend: to children
Star rating: three out of five

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